Many of us dream of a career in the MLB, the NBA, the NFL. But only a tiny fraction of us will end up playing professional sports.

That doesn’t have to mean the end of our dreams for a career in sports. There are endless ways we can spend our days surrounded by what we love, immersed in the fast-paced, high-stakes action of the sports world, even if we’re not technically the ones whose sweat falls onto the field or the court. There are countless careers in the world of sports. We can leave our sweat on the boardroom table, with a career in sports management. We can leave it on the spreadsheet, with a career as a statistician. We can leave it on newsprint or on film, with a career as a sports journalist.

Pro athletes are typically the ones that the camera is trained on. But it’s time now to turn that camera in a different direction, to shed light on the other 99.9 percent of opportunities that exist in the sports world.


What We Do

For years now, the non-profit Bethesda Entrepreneurship Academy has partnered with the Greentree Shelter in Bethesda, MD to build bridges between area CEOs and homeless teens. BEA brings founders of successful companies from many different industries into the shelter, to teach teens about creating businesses and pathways to independence and self-sufficiency.

The teens have loved these speakers. But over time, they’ve provided feedback that they’d like to learn more about one particular industry - jobs in sports. They’d like to work and gain self-sufficiency while immersed in a world that they love. That’s why we’ve launched This program brings advice, information and experience directly to teens, straight from successful people working dream jobs in the sports industry. Everything from coaching to number crunching, from operations to legal, from team owners to mascots.

While BEA talks were held exclusively in person at the shelter, we recognize that there are countless people with fascinating careers in sports who aren’t DC-based and available to speak in person. Furthermore, because the shelter population turns over frequently, a teen may be there to hear half the speakers during a school year, but be living elsewhere when the other half speak. That’s why we’re doing some talks in person. But we’re also video recording other talks for teens to watch. With a password protected video format, every teen that moves through this shelter (and soon other shelters too) can hear advice from every speaker, at any point in their journey. is a completely nonprofit, non-commercial endeavor, and it’s committed to remaining that way. We are not here to make a dime off speakers’ dedication of their valuable time or students’ dedication of their valuable attention. We are here solely to build bridges between an industry that needs good people, and good people who could use some advice and encouragement on their path to independence.


Who We Are

Zach Yaqub is the founder of Zach is a lifelong athlete and a student at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD.

Zach is a member of the Walt Whitman Vikings Baseball Team. In addition to the Vikings, Zach has worn official uniforms for KOA Travel Baseball, BCC Baseball, Pyle Middle School, and Dig In Baseball.

Zach has held several jobs in sports. He’s an after school sports trainer for elementary school students. He’s a summer sports camp counselor at Holton-Arms Creative Summer. He was previously a summer camp counselor at Next Level, a sports summer camp where he grew up spending his summers as a camper.

Zach loves all sports, but he eats, sleeps and breathes baseball. He’s been playing the game since he was no taller than a bat.

Zach’s other big loves are math, statistics and chess. Zach is the owner of, where he’s been teaching other kids to play chess since he was nine years old. The Olympic Committee officially recognizes chess as a sport - albeit the one where you’re least likely to get injured!

Zach’s two biggest dreams in sports: 1. Watching the Nats win the World Series. 2. Working as a sports statistician.


Get Involved

If you work in the sports industry and would like to share your experience, advice and inspiration with kids who need it and would benefit greatly from it, please reach out to us by email at or by calling 301-320-8076. Or connect with him through LinkedIn, here.

If you’d like to help, but you don’t work in the sports industry, there’s another easy way to help us. We collect Chipotle receipts to combine the rewards points to pay for free meals for homeless individuals. Next time you eat at any Chipotle, simply take a photo of your receipt and email the photo to us at We are able to provide a free meal for every ten meal receipts we receive.